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BARI SADRI (Thikana)
POPULATION: 10,599 (1901)

PRESENT RULER: Raj Rana GHANSHYAM SINGHJI, 21st Raj Rana of Bari Sadri, since 2004.
First Class Sirayat of Udaipur, married 1stly, Rani Pravin Kunwar, died 24th August 1994, daughter of Rawat Sawai HARI SINGH II of Begun, and of his first wife, Rani Kanchan Kunwar, married 2ndly, Rani Padmavati, daughter of Kunwar Mahi Vardhan Singh of Bambori, and has issue, one son and three daughters.

• Baisa Gitanjali (by Rani Pravin Kunwar)
• Baisa Sudarshana (by Rani Pravin Kunwar)
• Kunwar Tribhuvan Singh (by Rani Padmavati)
• Baisa Devasi (by Rani Padmavati)

PREDECESSORS AND SHORT HISTORY: Ancestor of the family was Raja RAJ SINGH of Halvad-Dhrangadhra, (son of Harpal Singh Makwana), whose two sons performed meritorious service in Udaipur, Kunwar Sajja Singh receiving the Jagir of Delwara and Kunwar Ajja Singh receiving the Jagir of Bari Sadri. Rulers were...

1. Raj Rana AJJA SINGH [Ajoji] 1499/1527, married and had issue. He died in battle 17th March 1527 at Khanwa.
o Raj Rana SIHA SINGH [Sinhji] (qv)

2. Raj Rana SIHA SINGH [Sinhji] 1527/1534, married and had issue. He died in battle 1534 at the first siege of Chittor.
o Raj Rana ASAJI (qv)
o Raj Rana SURTAN SINGH I (qv)

3. Raj Rana ASAJI 1534/1535, died in battle 1535 at the second siege of Chittor.

4. Raj Rana SURTAN SINGH I 1535/1568, married and had issue. He died in battle 24th February 1568 at the third siege of Chittor.
o Raj Rana BIDA (MAN SINGH) (qv)

5. Raj Rana BIDA (MAN SINGH) 1568/1576, married and had issue. He died in battle 21st June 1576 at the Battle of Haldighati.
o Raj Rana DEDA SINGH (qv)
o Raj SHYAM SINGH of Jharol.

6. Raj Rana DEDA SINGH 1576/1609, married and had issue. He died in battle 1609 at Ranakpur.
o Raj Rana HARI DAS (qv)

7. Raj Rana HARI DAS 1609/1622, died in battle 1622 at Hurda.

8. Raj Rana RAI SINGH I

9. Raj Rana SURTAN SINGH II, married and had issue.
o Raj Rana CHANDRASEN (qv)
o Kunwar Jaswant Singh (third son), he was granted the Thikana of Bhiyana; married and had issue.
 Several generations
 Thakur Bhawani Singh of Kitkheda, married and had issue.
 Kunwar Himmat Singh of Kitkheda, adopted to Fatehpur in Jhalawar, and succeeded there as Thakur HIMMAT SINGH of Fatehpur; married and had issue. He died 1868.
 Thakur CHHATAR SAL of Fatehpur 1868/-, married and had issue.
 Kunwar Bhawani Singh of Fatehpur, succeeded as HH Maharaj Rana Sir Shri BHAWANI SINGH Bahadur of Jhalawar.

10. Raj Rana CHANDRASEN, married and had issue.
o Raj Rana KIRTI SINGH I (qv)
o Raj Rana DAULAT SINGH, 1st Jagirdar of Tana, he was granted the Jagir of Tana by Maharana Sangram Singh II of Mewar in 1717.

11. Raj Rana KIRTI SINGH I, married, and had issue.
o Raj Rana RAI SINGH II (qv)
o Raj Rana NATH SINGH, 2nd Jagirdar of Tana, adopted by his uncle, Raj Rana DAULAT SINGH (see above)

12. Raj Rana RAI SINGH II



15. Raj Rana KIRTI SINGH II 1817/1865, married 1stly, Rani Sringar Kanwar, daughter of Rao KESARI SINGH of Bedla, married 2ndly, Rani Gulab Kanwar, daughter of Rawat AJIT SINGH of Bansi, and had issue, five sons and three daughters.
o Raj Rana SHIV SINGH (qv)
o Kunwar Fateh Singh, born 1831, adopted by Raj KALYAN SINGH III of Delwara, and succeeded there as Rao Bahadur Raj Rana FATEH SINGH of Delwara (qv)
o Kunwar Jai Singh, born 1835.
o Kunwar Ummed Singh, born 1839.
o Baisa Chaman Kanwar, married 1848, Kanwar Madho Singh of Begun. She committed sati in 1861.
o Baisa Roop Kanwar, married 1852, Rawat UMMED SINGH of Kanore.
o Baisa Daulat Kanwar [HH Maharani Daulat Kanwar of Mewar], married 1863, HH Maharana SHAMBHU SINGH of Udaipur.
o Kunwar Kesari Singh (by Rani Gulab Kanwar)

16. Raj Rana SHIV SINGH 1865/1883, born 1830, married 1stly, 1841, Rani Ejan Kanwar, daughter of Raja TAKHAT SINGH of Sailana, married 2ndly, 1843, Rani Roop Kanwar, daughter of Rawat AJIT SINGH of Kanore, married 3rdly, 1843, Rani Phool Kanwar, daughter of Rawat GAMBHIR SINGH of Thana, and had adoptive issue. He died sp 1883.
o (A) Raj Rana RAI SINGH III (qv)

17. Raj Rana RAI SINGH III 1883/1897, born 1861, married 1stly, 1878, Rani Sardar Kanwar, daughter of Rawat RATAN SINGH of Kurabar, married 2ndly, 1878, Rani Ratan Kanwar, daughter of Thakur SANGRAM SINGH ofBhadrajun, married 3rdly, 1886, Rani Nathe Kanwar, daughter of Rao ZORAWAR SINGH of Kushalgarh, and had issue as well as adoptive issue. He died spm 1897.
o Baisa Nawal Kanwar, married about 1895, Bhanwar Nahar Singh (later Thakur NAHAR SINGH) of Kuchaman, and had issue.
o (A) Raj Rana DULEH SINGH (qv)

18. Raj Rana DULEH SINGH 1897/1936, born 1884, married 1stly, 1901, Rani Anand Kanwar, daughter of Rajawat Ummed Singh of Barwara in Jaipur, married 2ndly, 1913, Rani Raj Kanwar, daughter of Rao Bahadur MOD SINGH of Deolia, married 3rdly, 1925, Rani Mohan Kanwar, daughter of Rawat JAWAN SINGH of Lunda, and had issue. He died 1936.
o Raj Rana KALYAN SINGH (by Rani Raj Kanwar) (qv)
o Rajkumari Nihal Kumari (by Rani Raj Kanwar), married Bhanwar Samar Singh of Banera, and had issue.
o Kunwar Bhim Singh (by Rani Mohan Kanwar)
o Baisa Suryaprabha (by Rani Mohan Kanwar), married 1953, Rawal AJIT SINGHJI of Jobner, and has issue.

19. Raj Rana KALYAN SINGH 1936/1944, married 1931, Rani Muktawati Kanwar, died 20th April 1995, daughter of Rajkumar Pratap Singh, Yuvaraj Saheb ofBanera, and had issue.
o Raj Rana HIMMAT SINGHJI (qv)
o Thakur Chandrasen Jhala, married Thakurani Meena Kumari Rathore, and had issue, three daughters.
 Kumari Savita Singh Deo, married and has issue, two daughters.
 Kumari Kritika Devi
 Kumari Mrigakshi Devi
 Kumari Pratibha Jhala, married and has issue, one son.
 Kunwar Mormukut Singh
 Kumari Preeti Rathore, married and had issue, two daughters.
 Baisa Rama Kumari
 Baisa Bhargavi Kumari

20. Raj Rana HIMMAT SINGHJI 1944/2004, born 5th September 1942 in Banera, married 1953 in Basant Panchmi, Thikana Bhadrajun, Dist. Jalore, Rani Gopal Kanwar, died 5th June 1995, daughter of Raja DEVI SINGH ofBhadrajun, and had issue, two sons. He died 2004.
o Kunwar Ghanshyam Singh (succeeded as Raj Rana GHANSHYAM SINGHJI) (qv)
o Kunwar Karan Singh

21. Raj Rana GHANSHYAM SINGHJI (see above)
• Rani Anand Kunwar, married as fifth wife, Raja BHIM SINGH I, Raja Saheb of Banera.
• Thakur Anand Singhji, married Thakurani Bhagwati Kunwar, daughter of Major Thakur Chawand Singh Chundawat of Gyangarh, and his wife, Thakurani Saheb Kalyan Kunwar, and had issue.
• Thakur Anand Singhji, married and had issue.
o Rani Pooran Kanwar, married (as his third wife), Maharaj Hati Singhji ofRatlam.


Savita said...

1. Please correct title of no 19. Thakur Chandra Sen Jhala to Maharaj Chandra Sen Jhala.
2. Thakurani Meena Kumari Rathore to Kawarani Meena Kumari Rathore
3. Kumari Savita Singh Deo to Raj Kumari Savita Singh Deo
4. Kritika Devi and Mrigakshi Devi to Kumari Kritika Singh Deo and Kumari Mrigakshi Singh Deo

Thank you.

Jhala_Family said...

Please correct title no. 19 Thakur Chandrasen Jhala to Maharaj Chandrasen Jhala and Thakurani Meena Kumari Rathore to .Further please add "Rajkumari" to Pratibha and Preeti as well. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Dear Savita please don't send comments kyo ki comments karna bahut easy hai par jisne yah history likha hai uski hame tarif karni cahiye na ki comments, my self is Kunvar Rajendra singh jhala From Bari sadri Thikana

Major "SHAKTAWAT" Thikanas said...

Very Nice,Jhala manna ne jo balidan mewar ke liye diya hai uske liye sampurn mewarwasi iske rini rahenge

Anonymous said...

Dear Kunwar Rajendra Singhji, I happened to check this site today and noticed your unwanted comment. Could you please identify yourself as I am unable to place anyone of your name in our clan existing currently. Moreover, I appreciate this site that people as well as our younger generation will know the Jhala history. All I was trying was to correct the facts, which you will appreciate that I should.

Kr Jogendra Singh Bambori said...

Raj Rana Himmat Singh ji was born on 5- Sep- 1934.

REF:- Jhala Rajvansh Book page no: 245. Writen By Let. RajRana Himmat Singh ji And Dr. Devi Lal Paliwal


Jhala Man Singh ji is very great. We are proud of jhala Man Singh ji. Jhala Man Singh ji ne Mewar ke liye jo balidan diya uske sare Mewar vasi hamesha rini rahenge Singh ji. Jhala Man Singh ji ne Mewar ke liye jo balidan diya uske sare Mewar vasi hamesha rini rahenge.

Nayan Rawal said...

Hai I am Nayan Rawal thikana Mandiyana grand son of Freedom Fighter Mr. Pream Shanker Rawal. I am going to write on My family root and I Need your help. Please help me. I am Rajpurohit of Jhala Family from Badisadri & Tana.

with Best Regards,

Nayan Rawal

Nayan Rawal said...

Hai I am Nayan Rawal thikana Mandiyana grand son of Freedom Fighter Mr. Pream Shanker Rawal. I am going to write on My family root and I Need your help. Please help me. I am Rajpurohit of Jhala Family from Badisadri & Tana.

with Best Regards,

Nayan Rawal

tej singh said...

the comments and the names written after rr himmat singh are untrue the illustrious history of the jhalas will be untrue so please avoid reading with the above history

RS Jasrotia said...

What a glorious past!Seven heads of the clan martyred in succession on the battlefield in under 100 yrs. Nowhere in history can we find a comparible example of loyalty bravery and sacrifice. Col(retd)RS Jasrotia,Jammu

dinesh said...

du uoy know rajrana nominet system ?
ple sent answer

Anonymous said...

The history of Jhala Rajput of Barisadri is matchless in annals of world history. I have not come across any family world wide where seven generations of a family has sacrificed their lives in the battle field in defending state they belonged. This needs to be brought to the knowledge of younger generation and also historians. The great sacrifice of this family is unnoticed. I am sure in no caste, clan or family such a supreme sacrifice has ever taken taken place world wide. This should be reflected in the book of records. My salute to Jhalas of Barisadri, Delwara and Tana.

Mahendra K Kothari, Ahmedabad (Mavli),

Anonymous said...

Jhala rajput ne mevad ke liye bahut balidan diye ajaji ki 7 pidhiyo ne our sajaji ki 4 -5 pidhiyo ne mevad ke liye balida diye par is balidan ko bhul chuke hai mevad me zala rajput se kar liya jata tha to jis rajput ne itne balidan diyr us se kar (tex) lena sahi tha kya zala rajput ne bahut kuch kiya hai par unke satha anyay hi huva hai
jay mataji
Jay Rajputana
Jay zalawad

Anonymous said...

Hello, I want to know about my ancestors....where I from which rawala. My village is jhalo ka Dhana. Tehsil- Mavli..Udaipur... My self RAHUL Singh Jhala....I just want to know where I from..and how should I approach this answer...any body...can help me.....plz contact 8003400260.

jaydeep singh said...

Kr.Jogendra Singh Ji Sa
I have some query about bambori thikana if u don't mind can you give me ur Mobil number or email I'd..
Jaydeep Singh..


Dear Sir,

Our Ancestors were also come with Raja Raj Singh ji at the time of migrated from Hlaved to Ider, Jodhpur and than Mewar.

May I know about the name of our forefather's because we are Masaliya Rawal (Rajpurohit of Jhala's).

Please help if any body can.

Nayan Rawal

Unknown said...

Maharaja Ajaji aur unke vansaj Maharaja Harpaldev ke jyeshth vansaj he aj bhi harpal dev ke jitne bhi vansaj he vo sabhi maharaja ajaji rajrana sajaji aur unke desh aur kshatriya dharm ke prati ashtha aur tyag balidan ko kabhi bhul nahi sakte aur sagotra bhai hone ke nate maharaja ajaji aur rajrana sajaji ki history se bahut hi proud mahesus karte hai. Jai Rajshakti jai jhalawad